Give it Your All (君は聖杯までふやかして, Kimi wa seihai made fuyakashite?) is the fourth episode of the Beastars anime.


Louis woke up in the infirmary and knew he has a fractured leg. Bill the Bengal tiger was chosen to be his substitute, but Legoshi will has to be on stage for the first time to replace Bill. However, just before the play, he noticed something about Legoshi...


The newspaper club director is angry that none of his members were able to get a photo of Louis's face due to the mask and yells at them for not getting a good shot at the curtain call. The members protest that Louis didn't participate, much to the director's disbelief.

In the nurse's office, drama club members are gathered around Louis, lying in a bed with IV attached. Louis sits up, asking if the audience saw him collapse. Sanu reassures him the audience didn't see a thing. Bill points out that with a broken leg, Louis is in no condition to perform the next day. As the other members of the club start discussing, Louis thinks about how they all pity him. He tells Bill to take his place.

Bill encourages Legoshi who is nervous about playing the villain.

Back at rehearsal, Bill excitedly recounts the praises Louis gave him. Sanu reminds Bill he must go all out in rehearsal to which Bill replies he's more worried about Legoshi. Kai tells Legoshi to stop acting upset about it since others like him who want to act can't. Bill tells him not to worry since it's a small role, but Legoshi reflects on the unexpected turn of events leading him to take over Bill's previous role as a villain. As they rehearsed, Bill and Legoshi began fighting more intensely with Bill noting how much more fun it was to fight a wolf whom he could go all out with than a deer. He exclaims there's no reason carnivores can't shine using their full strength.

Els asks Legoshi to support Bill.

As Logoshi left rehearsal, he wonders about how Bill can think that way. Els approaches him saying that even though a lot has happened she thinks this will go well. Legoshi says Bill is incredible and Els responds that Legoshi is too. Els then tells Legoshi that Bill seems to be hiding his fear behind a front and asks him to support Bill. Legoshi accepts with a smile and determines to do what he can.

Sally and Mizuchi's friends discuss their excitement about seeing Louis perform.

Before the performance, Mizuchi's friends ask Sally if she plans to present flowers to Louis when he comes out. Sally confirms but says it was odd that he skipped out the previous day, prompting one to tease that he was avoiding her.

When Louis enters Bill's changing room, Bill wonders aloud whether Louis is there to cheer him on, give advice, or if he changed his mind at the last minute. While he is joking, Bill says he is surprised Louis came and promises to uphold Louis's image of Adler while also making the role his own. Staring at the play poster, Louis says the crowd is packed and Bill has the responsibility of moving everyone's hearts. Louis tells him it is the curse of Adler, and if the pressure crushes him, it will be worse than just a broken leg. Bill gets the door for Louis and walks him down the hall. Louis says Bill knows how to make it in life, and he wishes Legoshi did as well. When Bill asks if Legoshi has been grabbing his attention, Louis responds that when Legoshi pretends to be weak, it disgusts him, pointing out Bill is Legoshi's opposite. Bill says he is grateful to be a tiger and unlike Legoshi, he has the makings of a true carnivore.

While Legoshi practices his lines, Bill enters and is greeted by Sanu. Legoshi starts sniffing the air, staring at Bill. Bill says he was just talking about him behind his back, but Legoshi doesn't respond, walking towards him and sniffing his body. As Legoshi starts to look angry, Bill rushes to the bathroom. Legoshi follows after him, asking what he has on him. Bill says he guesses there's no hiding it from him, wondering if Legoshi wanted a taste for himself, pulling out a vial of rabbit blood. Legoshi's eyes go red when he sees it. Bill assures him it's not from a student at their school. He continues to say that a rebel student gave it to him, and he held onto it in case he needed it, asking what better day to use it than now.

Legoshi momentarily pictures Haru in his mind before pinning Bill to the wall with his teeth bared. Bill growls that it's easy to live in the shadows like Legoshi, but he wants to live in the light and is therefore justified in doping with rabbit blood. Bill says someone like Legoshi who submits to herbivores wouldn't understand and breaks free, throwing Legoshi back. Legoshi stands in silence, unable to respond. He recalls Louis asking why he wouldn't take responsibility for his strength and declares he is tired of running.

Bill prepares to fight while playing the role of Adler.

The curtains rise and the play begins with Bill in the role of Adler. He starts to sweat, recalling what Louis told him about the curse and Bill's performance begins to slip as pressure builds and the crowd gossips about Louis not playing the role. He struggles to calm down but continues his performance, despite an unimpressed crowd still murmuring. In the wings, Els asks if he is okay, to which Sheila responds he's doing well.

Legoshi approaches, thinking if Bill considers the doping justified, then he must show him what he got out of it. Legoshi throws down his sword and costume cape. He charges straight for Bill, sending him flying across the stage with a punch to the face that leaves the audience gasping. The vial of rabbit blood lands in the wings next to Louis's feet. Bill asks Legoshi if he's insane, but Legoshi tackles him to the ground refusing to let him go. Sheila tells Sanu to stop them, but they realize there is nothing they can do.

Bill stops Legoshi's punch, telling him that is enough.

The audience becomes more engaged as Legoshi starts landing blow after blow to Bill's face, screaming and picturing Haru. Bill stops one of his punches and gets up. As the two continue to grapple, Bill asks if Legoshi thinks this is punishment. Leaning in, he says Legoshi isn't such a perfect predator and must have smelled rabbit blood before. He asks if he hurt or even killed one. Bill yells they are different and have blood-stained hands. As he claws into Legoshi's back, Bill says it is a mark of brotherhood, and they will match. Legoshi thinks the blood running down his back is carnivore blood just like Bill's. Bill tells him to give up and fall so the play will wrap up nicely. Unable to stand, Legoshi falls. Leaning down, Bill asks Legoshi to let him have a cool finishing blow since he is the lead.

Legoshi and Louis stand before the applauding audience.

As Bill strikes with his sword, Louis blocks the attack. The crowd goes wild as Louis dons Adler's mask and proclaims Bill a fake apparition. He mutters for Legoshi to leave without showing his back to the audience. Speaking both in character and in code, Louis tells Bill to leave and that he knows about what he's done. Adler banishes the villain and Bill runs off the stage in fear. Louis offers Legoshi his hand and helps him to stand as the crowd breaks into thunderous applause.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • Sanu is shocked when Bill tells Louis about his fractured foot in the manga, but in the anime, he doesn't look shocked at all.
  • In the manga, Louis internally rages more at being pitied.
  • While deciding to choose who plays Bill's previous act, Bill is talking to a drama member in the manga before talking to Sanu. In the anime, he talks solely to Sanu.
  • In the anime, Legoshi is seen prepping for his performance in front of a table where he has a brief exchange with Kai before Bill approaches to coach Legoshi. This is not present in the manga.
  • In the anime, Legoshi's exchange with Bill is longer where he expresses further hesitance at taking the role.
  • Like in the previous episode, the "villains" for the Adler performance have been completely redesigned from the manga for the anime and somewhat resemble the Shinigami Captains' attire from the Bleach series. In addition, one of the three was an unnamed reptile student in the manga; whereas in the anime, Zoe plays one of them while Tao still plays one like he did in the manga.
  • In the manga, Bill discusses who could replace him as one of the antagonists in the performance with the unnamed reptile student who plays one of the three. In the anime, Bill discusses the issue with Sanu instead.
  • Legoshi crouches down when he gets chosen to play Bill's previous part in the play. In the anime, he hides behind a white board.
  • In the anime, Legoshi actually gets absorbed by the sparring with Bill and actually goes on the offensive as opposed to the manga where it is short and Legoshi only focuses on counters and blocks. Their fight is far longer in the anime than in the manga with both appearing evenly matched. In the anime, Bill even quips that he would have not been able to go all out on anyone else like that.
  • In the manga, the shot of Louis gazing out of his medical room at the moon is during Legoshi and Bill's practice spar. In the anime, the scene happens after Legoshi and Bill's practice spar.
  • In the manga, Legoshi talks to Els in the school corridors. In the anime, they are talking outside on the school grounds.
  • Els' internal monologue in the manga about how Legoshi is a truly good person and how she is sure everyone will come to recognize it is absent from the anime.
  • In the manga, the shot of Bill paying respects to the Adler mask happens during Legoshi and Els' talk. In the anime, the scene is after Legoshi and Els' conversation. In the manga, Bill has a nervous expression upon his face; whereas in the anime, Bill has a passive expression instead.
  • Sally talking to Mizuchi's friends before the play is not in the manga.
  • In the manga, Legoshi is seen conversing with members of the crew before Bill arrives. In the anime, Legoshi is seen sitting by himself reading the script when Bill arrives.
  • In the manga, Legoshi and Bill lock eyes with each other before Legoshi senses something off that draws him over to see. In the anime, Legoshi detects an odd scent on Bill before they even see each other and quickly rushes over to Bill to sniff over his front for the alarming scent. In the manga, Legoshi gets a stunned expression upon realizing what is off about Bill and prepares to ask him what it until Bill makes the excuse to go to the bathroom which Legoshi joins with before following; whereas in the anime, Legoshi gets aggressive once he discerns the new scent which drives Bill to make the excuse to use the restroom before Legoshi uses the same to follow him.
  • Legoshi and Bill are warned that they had 30 minutes before the play in the manga. In the anime, it's 10 minutes.
  • Both the scenes where their fellow crew members contemplate what they just saw and Legoshi's chase with Bill in the manga are absent from the anime.
  • In the anime, when Legoshi takes a deeper whiff of the rabbit blood Bill shows it nearly triggers his inner beast from before which he struggles to control again. In the manga, smelling the rabbit blood merely makes him horrified and angry.
  • The flashback of Haru while Bill asks if Legoshi's smelled rabbit blood before feature her standing in a flower field instead of laying on her back in the anime.
  • In the manga, Bill states he got the blood from an older tiger. In the anime, Bill states he got it from a higher class student.
  • In the manga, Legoshi sees close-ups of Haru's face in his mind when Bill explains his reasons for the rabbit blood sample. In the anime, Legoshi sees a far-off vision of Haru amidst a field of flowers during Bill's explanation.
  • In the anime, Legoshi is fully seen rushing at Bill and pinning him in the bathroom with an angry expression with Bill holding him by his hands in a grappling position (seemingly even in strength). In the manga, Legoshi is just seen being held back by Bill with ease as he has a shaken expression.
  • Legoshi and Bill's exchange is somewhat altered. In the anime, Bill states to Legoshi he wishes to live in the light while Legoshi chooses to keep to the shadows and accuses Legoshi of being unable to understand because he is scared of other people (especially herbivores) fearing him. In the manga, Bill states to Legoshi that he cannot and does not wish to be like Legoshi who tries to live in a shadowed lifestyle and accuses Legoshi of never having known what it is like to have others who count on him so much.
  • In the manga, Legoshi and Bill's exchange is longer with Legoshi backing away after Bill's explanation and coming to the realization of what Louis told him previously before thanking Bill for the talk which has made him understand; Legoshi declaring that he won't instigate a fight in the bathroom and is ready to face Bill on stage for the performance (yet still vowing "I'll make you pay"). In the anime, Bill throws Legoshi off him to the window behind them before storming off with Legoshi internally realizing the truth of Louis' words from before inwardly declaring he is ready for the performance.
  • In the anime, Bill's time as Adler is extended from the beginning.
  • In the anime, Bill can hear some in the audience deriding his performance at first for not being as good as Louis' which distresses him for a moment. In the manga, the audience just stare at Bill unconvincingly and only speak after the scene has ended.
  • In the anime, Els is seen at the back of the stage with Sheila and Sanu as she wonders if Bill is feeling alright. In the manga, it is Sanu who questions Bill's state.
  • Zoe is also seen with Sheila and Sanu as Legoshi makes his way on stage in the anime. In the manga, Sanu expresses awe at how intimidating Legoshi appears in his antagonist attire and hesitatingly tries to inquire how he feels about it yet does not get the chance to finish.
  • Legoshi is wearing an open shirt (showing his defined chest muscles) with the bandages in the anime, while he doesn't wear a shirt in the manga. Additionally, the bandages over his head do not cover one eye completely in the anime like they do in the manga
  • In the manga, Legoshi is equipped with a serrated dagger. In the anime, he is given a sword like Bill's.
  • In the manga, Legoshi throws the dagger aside and drops his cape before he slaps Bill across the face as soon as they are face-to-face at the start of their fight on stage. In the anime, Legoshi drops the sword to the floor before he charges forward with the cape falling off mid-run and punches Bill in the face. Bill is thrown a longer distance across the stage from the blow in the anime then he is in the manga.
  • In the manga, Bill internally yells at Legoshi for his improvisation. In the anime, Bill openly calls out to Legoshi.
  • In the anime, the blow that knocks Bill's mask off is not seen like it is in the manga.
  • In the anime, Legoshi is far angrier and even lets out furious yells as he beats Bill into submission with his fits and does so for much longer in the anime; his yells getting louder and more aggressive with each blow. All the while, Legoshi has visions of Haru amidst the flowers along with the fallen Louis (in his Adler costume) in addition to memories of the time he hurt Haru in his instinct-driven state of mind. None of this occurred in the manga, instead there were further scenes of the audience's reaction to the performance (including those from the school newsgroup in attendance).
  • In the manga, Bill easily restrains Legoshi like he did the bathroom. In the anime, Bill and Legoshi engage in another grappling spar with them evenly matched in strength like in the restroom. Bill then demands if Legoshi is attempting to punish him for his actions in the anime whereas he questions if Legoshi is just trying to be a hero in the manga. It is only after a lengthy struggle in the anime that Bill manages to restrain Legoshi.
  • When Bill questions what Legoshi's reactions to the rabbit blood are from in the anime, Legoshi has flashes of Haru in his mind.
  • In the anime, Bill's improvised dialogue in the performance to Legoshi is longer than it is in the manga where he says they both have "blood" on their hands.
  • In the manga, Bill cuts Legoshi's back with both of his hands. In the anime, Bill inures Legoshi's back with only one hand which is heavily minimized by the shirt he wears and the fact it is only one clawed hand.
  • Legoshi's wounds in the manga are far more numerous, serious, bigger, and deeper than they are in the anime. However, in the anime, there is a longer shot of Legoshi's blood dripping then there is in the manga.
  • In the manga, the bandages on Legoshi's head vanish before he falls to the ground in exhaustion as the bandages to his costume are torn off by Bill's claws, yet they reappear mysteriously on Legoshi's head for Bill to tear off as he prepares to finish him. In the anime, they stay on Legoshi's head even after the back of his shirt gets cuts.
  • Bill turns Legoshi on his back with his foot as he lies on the floor before he tries to stomp on Legoshi's stomach in the manga; while in the anime, Legoshi is already on his back and Bill uses his sword while only using his foot to pin Legoshi down on the chest with the crowd going silent in excitement.
  • In the manga, Louie intervenes by stopping Bill's foot with the dropped sword. In the anime, he brings his own sword and deflects Bill's sword from his hand.
  • The shot of the crowd reacting to Louis' return is shown after he has intervened in the anime.
  • Louis' line of the "tragedy" being over from the manga is absent in the anime. Additionally, Louis asking a stunned Bill why he is shocked is absent from the anime as well.
  • In the manga, Louis reveals that he discovered Bill's secret doping when he secretly spies on him and Legoshi in the bathroom. In the anime, he discovered it when the blood vial fell out and rolled at his feet offstage during the play.
  • Bill's hallucination of Louis as an actual shinigami (as the actual "Adler") from the manga is absent from the anime. Additionally, Bill's inner thoughts of how he was not fit for the roll of Adler in the end are absent from the anime.
  • In the manga, Louis admits to Legoshi that he was in the right with his actions as he helps him to stand. In the anime, Louis first makes a dramatic remark to Legoshi that he too must "vanish" with his "dying self" as the sun rises with him to impress the crowd before helping Legoshi up and declaring him to be in the right as they stand tall and proud before the crowd's cheering.
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