Els (エルス, Erusu?) is a recurring character in Beastars. She was the secret love interest of Tem before he was murdered by a carnivore student.


Els is an Angora goat, looking similar to Tem's appearance, despite being different species. She has two horns sloping backwards from her head, and can be seen wearing a regular female's school uniform and a backpack.


Els seems to be very nervous. During the first chapter of Beastars, she is very cautious of Legoshi, a tall gray wolf from the drama club. When he confronts her, Els' first reaction is to grab a self-defense weapon to protect herself in the case that Legoshi attempts to eat her alive.


  • Scissors: Els once used it to defend herself and threaten Legoshi, believing he was going to devour her.


  • Although she is an Angora goat, she is mistakenly referred to as an alpaca in the Netflix subtitles.


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