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The Drama club (演劇部, Engeki-bu?) is a club from Cherryton Academy.


One of Cherryton Academy's most popular clubs, in which both carnivores and herbivores meet to practice/perform plays.

At the beginning of the series, the club had 33 members, with the Club Advisor scouting anywhere from 10 to 20 junior high school students every year. The club's leaders are selected from this pool.

Only members who can handle the intense rehearsals and strict hierarchical relationships between junior and senior members are able to function within the club.

  • Advisor - Unknown
  • Drama club president - Sanu (formerly), Bill
  • Producer - Unknown
  • Scriptwriter - Unnamed baboon


Drama Club arc

The arc begins with Tem the alpaca being murdered (presumably) by a carnivore. This severely affects the way the herbivores of the club see the carnivores, causing mistrust and genuine fear, which ends in a brief yet pivotal discussion between Bill and Ellen. After working it out, the club then turns their focus towards making all the preparations for their next presentation, this being the first performance of the club after the death of one of its members.

Meteor Festival arc

All academy clubs must participate in the festival, the drama club being one of them. They were required to decorate an attraction, in which all members participated. They did not have a presentation for this festival.


Lastly, the club is divided into the following groups:

Actors Pool

Dance Team

  • Sheila (Choreographer)
  • Els
  • Unnamed ferret
  • Unnamed flamingo
  • Unnamed lemur
  • Unnamed rabbit
  • Unnamed warthog
  • Unnamed canine

Production Crew

  • Dom (Design team director)



Props, Sets, Scenery

Sound Team

  • Mokichi (Sound designer)
  • Riz (Arrested)
  • Unnamed rodent
  • Unnamed flying squirrel



  • In Chapter 18, it is revealed that the drama club has its own storehouse on campus.
  • Kai mentions that the drama club is a place where animals with curious backgrounds gather. He then reveals the past of various members of the drama club, including the past of Sheila, Mina and Moro.
    • Sheila worked as a dominatrix at a carnivore club at the age of fourteen.
    • Mina has trypophobia and can't look at herself in the mirror.
    • Moro believes her horn, always in her point of view, is a guardian angel.
    • Kai was abandoned by his mongoose family and was raised by a family of hyenas.
  • During a blackout, the herbivores in the club were protected by the carnivores, to avoid any type of danger.


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