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Dolph (ドルフ, Dorufu?) is a minor secondary character in Beastars. He was an active member of the Shishigumi before it disbanded.


Dolph is a lion in his early thirties. He has a large "X" shaped scar in the middle of his face. Like the other members of the Shishigumi, Dolph is usually seen wearing a suit and tie.


Similar to the other members, Dolph is proud to be part of the Shishigumi and a lion. He is also a serious, direct type of person, and he seemed to act as the head of the other lions when they were not in the presence of their boss.


According to him, all the lions of Shishigumi were born and raised in the Black Market. Not much else is known about his past.


  • He shares the same name with Dolph the Hippo from the drama club. Whether this was intentional or a mistake on the author's part is unknown.
  • When introducing the Shishigumi members to Legoshi, Louis described Dolph as the most serious lion in the Shishigumi.


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