Murder Incident Solution arc

Cosmo puts on a show in which she is acclaimed by all clients, after her show, the club director shows Cosmo his concern about the danger she is exposed to, but Cosmo claims not to be worried. The director recalls Cosmo was told that there was another herbivorous dancer who died two years ago. After removing her makeup, Cosmo goes out to smoke and meets Louis. Both are surprised to see each other. Cosmo realizes that Louis is a teenager and asks him why is he in the Black Market. Louis only asks her what her problem is, and Cosmo declares that there are two types of clients that he has always had to deal with in her eight-year career - carnivores who pity her and the herbivores who tend to ridicule her. After a moment in which both are silent, Cosmo leaves telling Louis that they will eat him if he stays in the Market and tells him to go home.

Shortly after, Cosmo goes to a public men's room where she meets a client, a South American bear, that she has met ten times before, to give him oral sex, which she does at the expense of the strip club to earn more money, Cosmo alleges that this type of personal service is not alien, but it bothers her that every time he meets that client she holds her head with more and more force. Cosmo proceeds to ask him why he likes receiving his "job", despite him being a carnivore and she a herbivore, which confuses her client. Cosmo asks if it is for lack of appetite, lust or because she excites him. Her client asks if desire needs any distinction, and he fiercely strangles her while asking her opinion and preparing to devour her. Cosmo realizes that the day of her death has arrived, but both are stopped by the Shishigumi who enter the scene and reveal that the streaptease club is now part of the Shishigum's territory. Louis orders his subordinates to beat the bear and reminds Cosmo that earlier she told him to go home and reveals that the Black Market is his home. Louis asks her to get along from one herbivore to another.

Later, Cosmo meets Louis in a bar where she had mentioned him, although Louis affirms that he respects her as an herbivore, but that he has no intention of familiarizing her, which Cosmo takes with grace. They both drink together and Cosmo highlights that Louis still does not seem to be used to being in the Black Market. Cosmo tells him that she has lived eight years in the Market and that she is ready to die in it. She affirms that the Market is a paradise for carnivores and hell for herbivores. Before leaving, Cosmo alleges that Louis is still young and kisses him on the cheek tellimg him that his contract is his only chance to get out of the Market.

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