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Cosmo (コスモ, Kosumo?) is a minor character in Beastars.


Cosmo is a slim, shapely okapi of medium height. She has long ears, a thin face, and large brown eyes. Her fur is primarily white, as it covers most of her face, neck, torso, and legs. However, part of her face has brown fur: namely her ears, the sides of her face, and the top of her snout. She also has brown fur that runs from the back of her head to her tail, covering most of her back, shoulders, and arms. Additionally, she has horizontal black stripes on her thighs and buttocks.

She can be seen wearing her stage clothes, which consist of red lingerie and a thin veil (in the anime).


She is quite calm, charismatic and somewhat lonely. As a stripper at the Black Market, she widely enjoys the power she has by provoking both hunger and sexual desire in her carnivorous spectators. Being observed exposing her body, she feels extremely superior to them while exposing them like beasts, slaves to her desires. Cosmo is fickle enough to be able to work in the Black Market, considered a hell for herbivores. Cosmo is not worried about the danger of being devoured since she has already accepted the fact that one day she will die in the Black Market.


  • Cosmo shares several similarities with Haru.
    • Both are herbivores who had sex with numerous animals (although for different reasons).
    • Curiously, both have been in the situation of giving oral sex to a carnivore that has attacked them - Haru tried it with Legoshi, but he stopped her before doing it and Cosmo did it numerous times and almost got devoured the last time.
  • Cosmo shares the same Japanese voice actress as Sheila.


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