Collot (コロ, Koro?) is a minor character in Beastars. He is a student of Cherryton Academy.


Collot is a young English sheepdog of medium height and an athletic build. He has a white coat with abundant disheveled fringes that cover his eyes, while the rest of his body has short fur. He has long floppy ears and a long fluffy tail. Apparently he has very beautiful eyes, which are never seen.

He commonly wears his school uniform, which in cold seasons consists of a white shirt, an indigo vest, dark gray tie, gray pants with a darker vertical line pattern, and brown loafers. During the summer, he wears a blue polo shirt, replacing the uniform shirt, vest and tie.


He has a calm and friendly personality, often seen offering rides to their smallest group member Voss to get around.


  • Formally named in Chapter 6.
  • Part of the canine room 701 with Legoshi.
  • In the official English translation by VIZ media, his name is Kolo.
  • Collot is the second tallest canine in room 701 next to Legoshi.
  • According to Paru Itagaki his eyes are very beautiful, however they have never been shown in the manga.
    • Most female and gay beasts who look into his eyes fall in love with him.


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