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Chief Lion (ボス, Bosu?) was a character in Beastars and the main antagonist in the Meteor Festival arc. He was the leader of the criminal group Shishigumi, until he was killed by Louis.


He is a big lion with scars over both of his eyes, resembling a mask. He wears a suit and tie and walks with the aid of a cane. He wears glasses and is seen smoking big cigars.


Chief Lion was depicted as a cruel individual, showing little to no compassion towards his subordinates and forcing the animals he were about to eat to strip themselves in order to embarrass them, thus causing their blood to pump rapidly and increase the taste of their meat. He exclusively eats white-furred herbivores, which is why the Shishigumi went through the trouble of kidnapping Haru.


Gun: Chief used it once to kill Legoshi after he and Haru escaped, but got stopped by Louis.


  • (To Haru) "Shame and humiliation causes the blood to flow, creating a deeper and richer flavor in the meat."
  • (To Legoshi) "This old man has an important lesson to teach you. That naive kindness, will get you killed."
  • (To Louis) "P...p...please..."


  • He was the first character seen killed after the death of Tem the alpaca at the beginning of the series.


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