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The Wolf and the Rabbit (オオカミとウサギ, Ōkami to usagi?) is the fourteenth chapter of Beast Complex.


While wolves, rabbits, and every species have their own ways of showing intimacy, for Legoshi and Haru, they prefer to keep it simple, with Haru trying to have as much intimate affection as possible. In a park, Legoshi and Haru try to decide where to go to eat on their date and although Legoshi proposes that each of them eat whatever they want, Haru wants them to eat the same thing this time.

At times like this, Legoshi only puts about 1/50 of his weight on Haru, which barely gives her any intimacy. They have been together for a year, and she can count how many times they have kissed on one hand. Legoshi asks Haru if she can send him a picture of her coming of age ceremony, which will be next week. Nervously Haru asks a favor from Legoshi, explaining that after the ceremony there is a weird ritual and asks if she would mind renting a kimono for her and accompany her.

A week later, Legoshi and Haru, wearing a hakama and a furisode respectively, visit the site of the "Fang Purification Ritual", a ceremony that consists in that if an herbivore is wounded by a carnivore, they will then have to purify their own wounds together with the carnivore that caused them. This is because it is said that wounds caused by the fangs and claws from carnivores are said to have malicious spirits that tend to linger for years. If an herbivore is injured before they turn 20, they can come to the fang-purification ritual together with the assailant. Once the would has been purified by the carnivore that caused it, the evil spirit is dispelled allowing the herbivore to live in peace.

Haru alleges that she does not want to force Legoshi to participate in the ceremony, but he insists that he wants to go. Although he does not know exactly what he should expect, Legoshi is surprised by the number of animals that are attending the ceremony, those who were wounded and those who wounded them, and he wonders what they might be thinking. Legoshi wonders if the one who he has left the biggest mark on, Louis, has arrived. He remembers that he had previously invited him to the ceremony, but he refused saying that he would go with Bill who scratched his hand in the past, plus he also has five other invites for the ceremony and is busy dealing with them. Legoshi assumes that it's been a tiring 20 years for Louis.

While they queue, nervously he tries to make conversation with Haru who remains casual and simply asks to have lunch at a diner. Legoshi surprisingly sees resolve in everyone's eyes in this line. The point isn't the physical wounds a body can easily heal from, but the carnivores who decided to face their actions and make amends for them. Legoshi and Haru's turn finally comes and Haru declares that she doesn't care about getting her scars purified and how fun it is since it looks like they are getting married. The priest tells Legoshi how to purify Haru's scar, which is the scar from the day they first met. Haru tells Legoshi not to rub it too hard as it is an important scar that she considers a blessing and doesn't want to lose it. Legoshi kisses Haru's scar causing her to blush and Legoshi to be scolded by the priest. After the ceremony, Legoshi and Haru drink some orange juice. Haru declares to Legoshi that the ritual wasn't really anything special, although it was worth it since she got a sweet little kiss from him. Legoshi declares that he is glad they did this and wishes her a Happy Belated 20th Birthday, wishing for the best from now on. Meanwhile, Louis and Bill participate in the ceremony with a disinterested Bill spilling some water on Louis's very expensive hakama. Even scars can be precious memories.


  • This is the first chapter of Beast Complex that makes a direct continuation of the story of Beastars.
  • This is the first chapter where Legoshi's appearance is not limited to a cameo.
  • This chapter takes place approximately 9 months after the end of Beastars.
  • Following the manga's timeline, Haru should be turning 21 years old.