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What Happens When You Bust a Tire in a Very Full Train? (満員電車がパンクすると⋯, Man'in densha ga panku suru to…?) is Chapter 100 of the manga Beastars written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki, published in the Weekly Shōnen Champion of the Akita Shoten publishing house.[1]


It begins with the journey of a sheep who has a particularity for taking the hybrid train (section of the train where carnivores and herbivores coexist) instead of the herbivores section, her friend asks her what she is trying to prove by continuously getting on that section of the car, and warns you not to touch her cheeks 3 times inside that car or in front of any carnivore as this is a way of telling carnivores that they can eat them.

She begins to explain a little about herself, the work she obtained based on her previous effort studying and exceeding her goals, tells us that she was always fascinated to see the sneakers on the shelves when she was young and that was her motivation to get there, to the sales position she is currently in. Her boss transferred her from the sales area to another section and invited her to an important business meeting, but when she arrived, she began to be treated as a "therapy animal". She thought that all her efforts were in vain, because she ended up being a toy. When she got home, she began to think that everything she currently had was not useful; they were only banal things that society imposed on her because of her work status. She decided to move out of her luxury condo, and when taking the train the next morning, she reveals that she is "suicidal". Once inside the train she finds Legoshi, seeing the scar on his face, she decides to slap her cheeks 3 times. Seeing this, he decides to get her out of the train as soon as possible. After this she begins to reflect on her life and her relationship with carnivores. She thinks that the wolf must stay strong and honest.

When she goes apartment hunting, she's offered an apartment at Beast Apartments, and sees the wolf from the train is going to be her neighbor.


Important Events

  • It is revealed that to be eaten by a carnivore herbivores must slap their cheeks 3 times.


  1. Previous of the chapter in the Weekly Shōnen Champion.