White Fur on a Piece of Lined Paper (罫線に白い毛這わせて, Keisen ni shiroi ke hawa sete?) is Chapter 38 of the manga Beastars written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki, published in the Weekly Shōnen Champion of the Akita Shoten publishing house.[1]


Haru about to be attacked by the Chief Lion of the Shishigumi, writing her experiences in a will in her imagination, explaining her current situation.

Haru grew up in a modest dwarf rabbit family as the youngest of three children, growing up with the love of any other family. Being the smallest of her siblings, her parents always warned her that she must be careful because rabbits are very disadvantaged among herbivore animals and if she did the opposite, she would die. At the age of 10 Haru began to understand these words since regardless of her age the animals around her treated her as if she was as fragile as a baby. Haru felt that every time the animals smiled at her, they only felt sorry for her, seeing her as a helpless creature destined to die. Little by little, growing accustomed to the sad shades in her last year of high school, a hare student introduces himself and asks her to go out, due to which he did not smile. Haru accepted ending up having sex in him, finally finding the only time she was treated as an equal. During sex Haru was never treated with pity or as a helpless creature; without lies, all genuine, feeling that she was finally part of the world. Having sex with more and more animals cause her to lose friends and animals to spread rumors about her. Even if it's not being pleasant, Haru felt that it was better than being treated as a helpless creature.

Back to the present Haru giving up her worthless life is examined by the Chief of the Shishigumi. Remembering her lover Louis, she surrenders regretting everything. Suddenly she remembers Legoshi, motivating herself to fight for her life. She stands up firmly saying that she will not give him her shame, promising that she will be his worst dinner, challenging the lion boss to eat her.

Outside the hideout, Legoshi insists on wasting no time and entering, but Gohin stops him by telling him that they need a plan, explaining that he must bite the lion. Suddenly they are both discovered by a member who points a gun at them.


Important Events

  • Haru's past is revealed.
  • Haru sets out to fight for her life.
  • Legoshi and Gohin are discovered by the Shishigumi.
  • Legoshi refers to the time he fought Bill.
  • It's mentioned that felines are the best fighting mammals in terms of physical strength and instincts.


  1. Previous of the chapter in the Weekly Shōnen Champion.
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