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Visualized Reality (現像されたリアルたち, Genzō sareta Riaru-tachi?) is Chapter 24 of the manga Beastars written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki, published in the Weekly Shōnen Champion of the Akita Shoten publishing house.[1]


After being knocked out, Legoshi awakes gagged in an unknown place, seeing Gohin, who kidnapped and restrained him. While Legoshi cannot move Gouhin checks his heart rate, and is impressed to see Legoshi's heart rate is normal. He takes away the towel that he had placed on him, Legoshi begins to ask questions and Gohin silences him with his fist and proclaims himself as the market watcher, saying that the only carnivores that suffer from panic attacks and pass out on the market are 100% prone to hunting herbivores, unable to let Legoshi go outside and do as he says, Gohin snaps Legoshi several photos while asking him some questions and in the process discovers that Legoshi has attacked a herbivore in the past, Legoshi tells him about his situation with Haru and Gohin begins to question Legoshi's hypothetical interest in eating Haru, Legoshi exclaims that he hates this situation, Gohin tells him that Legoshi is not different from other carnivores who are slaves to their instincts and that's why the market exists, then Gohin frees Legoshi (still with handcuffs), while explaining the meat is from the Hospital and funeral market, although this is still illegal, Gohin leads Legoshi to a room full of photos of other carnivores that self-controls a deplorable state after blaming himself for attacking other herbivores saying that the chances of rehabilitation are those, and tells Legoshi that although he is young the world is full of problems that he cannot ignore especially if he is becoming "one of them", Legoshi only asks "who is he?", Gohin answers that he is the psychotherapist of the market and it is up to Legoshi to decide if he is his ally or enemy.


Important Events

  • Legoshi is kidnapped and examined by Gohin.
  • Legoshi meets Gohin.
  • Legoshi tells Gohin about his relationship with Haru.
  • Gohin provides information on the Black Market.
  • On the cover of the chapter it is revealed that Legoshi has scars from Bill's scratches.


  1. Previous of the chapter in the Weekly Shōnen Champion.