Introduction upon the Full Moon (満月なのでご紹介します, Mangetsu na no de go shōkai shimasu?) is Chapter 1 of the manga Beastars written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki, published in the Weekly Shōnen Champion of the Akita Shoten publishing house.


Tem, a student is injured and fleeing from an unknown night at Cherryton High School an unknown assailant who went wild, Tem hides in a reading room where he is quickly found and devoured.

The next day, a group of students witness the formation of the crime scene and other students of the murder of Tem are informed and then they are asked to hand out a manual for a gray wolf named Legoshi, who watches the scene in the distance.

In the drama club, the members are reunited and they are discussing the murder to form great tension between carnivores and herbivores which begin to discuss until they are interrupted by a blackout caused by Legoshi who turns on the lights seconds later and speaks of Tem's possible regrets to ask Els directly if he was sad about Tem's death.

Later, in the women's dressing room, Els questions Legoshi's intentions with other club members and suspects that it may be his goal. At the same time in the men's dressing room, Legoshi is checking out Tem's locker who is discovered by other members of the club, to which Legoshi leaves the room, in the hallway Legoshi observes the full moon and sets out to eliminate the leases of Tem.

In the courtyard of the school, Els is accompanied by a companion who comforts her and they separate, on the way to her room Els finds out that she forgot her wristwatch in the drama club, in the club Els looks for her watch until it is illuminated with a focus by Legoshi who was waiting for her, scared Els takes a scissors in an attempt to defend herself from Legoshi who only approaches and takes off her scissors very easily and takes her arms, a love letter that belonged to Tem falls from the pocket of Legoshi which Els discovers. Legoshi gives him the letter and tells him about Tem's feelings, shortly after Els thanks him and apologizes for the things she said about him and promises to retract with the other girls in the club, which Legoshi denies who prefers to keep their meeting as a secret and leaves.


Important Events

  • Start the Beastars manga.
  • Tem is killed and devoured by an unknown carnivore.
  • Legoshi hands Tem's love letter to Els.
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