Bogue (ボーグ, Bōgu?) is a minior character in Beastars. He is a novelist who works under the pseudonym of a snow rabbit named Ms. Fig, and is one of Legoshi's neighbors in the Hidden Condo. Bogue is also the deuteragonist of Chapter 7 of Beast Complex.


He, like all Asian black bear, is very tall and despite his apparent low physical activity, he has a very stocky body. Bogue has a sleepy and tired expression accompanied by dark circles under his eyes. He has a voluminous coat of disheveled black fur throughout the body, which is longer on the head and neck, and only interrupted on its muzzle and ears. He has a tawny V-shaped band on the chest, characteristic of its species. Bogue wears a long striped robe over a plain T-shirt along with ripped jeans and uggs, and wears thin square glasses.


Bogue has a very kind attitude, and despite not going out very often, he has no problems to socialize. Despite being a bear, Bogue does not have problems to detail his thoughts accurately. When he gets frustrated, he can be very rough and grumpy, going to the point of isolating himself and neglecting his own personal hygiene. It can be induced that Bogue is very superstitious of spiritual beliefs, since he ensures that his ability to portray the feelings of the herbivores in his stories is because he is possessed by the spirit from a herbivore and not his own skill or talent. Despite this he can be very unconscious with the feelings or thoughts of others as he doesn't mind inviting Ms. Jin to his messy house while barely having any clothes on, in addition to frightening her to recover his inspiration.


  • Bogue lives in room 201 of the Hidden Condo.
  • Bogue is one of the few male characters to have been seen semi-nude.
  • Bogue has revealed to be under the guise of a rabbit when writing novels, which he should keep secret. Alternatively, he asks that the neighbors do not disclose that information.
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