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Biology Day occurs every two days in Cherryton Academy. It is when animals are required to spend an hour in what passes as their natural environment to calm them.


Animals removed from their natural habitats are shown to have increased levels of stress and anxiety, and because Cherryton is located in the city, all animals thus live far away from their habitant. Henceforth, they are required to spend at least one hour every two days in a room that is specifically designed to mimic their species' natural habitat.

The rooms are all located in Cherryton's basement. The door of each room has a sketch on it of the animal that the room's environment is created for.

Cherryton has a number of habitat rooms, each of which is specifically designed for a certain species. There were five habitat rooms shown:

  • For polar bears, it is a sub-zero refrigerated area.
  • For reptiles, it is a tropical high-heated and humid area with plenty of bush and steam.
  • For wolves, it is a dark room with a painted night sky on the ceiling, along with a giant lamp that looks like a full moon to simulate moonlight.
  • For zebras, the room is painted pale gray and has long, black, wooden sticks scattered about, which the zebras use to blend in with their own coloring.
  • For alpacas and sheep, their room is designed to mimic an open mountain field on a sunny day with painted fields on the walls, and the floor is even fitted with grass for them to laze about on. It appears that only the boys relax on the ground, while the girls sit on a bench.



  • In the manga, it is referred to as Territory Day or Environmental Day.


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