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Bill (ビル, Biru?) is a male Bengal tiger, as well as a second-year student and actor in the drama club at Cherryton Academy. He serves as the main antagonist of the Drama Club arc. As the series goes on, he becomes a side character.


Bill is a Bengal tiger with a tall, sturdy build. He has orange fur with black stripes and a cream underbelly. His eyes and irises are on the smaller side, and his eyebrows are thin and angled.

He can be seen wearing his school uniform, which consists of a white dress shirt, an indigo vest, a dark gray tie, black suspenders, gray pants with dark gray vertical stripes, and brown loafers. During drama practice, he wears a white t-shirt and red track pants. He can also be seen wearing various costumes during his performances in the drama club, as well as casual outfits for when the school day is over.


He is initially presented as friendly, outgoing and confident. He is shown to really care about others, especially his herbivore friends. Feeling proud of being born as a tiger, Bill always take the initiative to protect others when needed. However, he secretly feels great anxiety at this responsibility. Bill refuses to show anyone his "weak" side, not even his closest friend Aoba. When Louis went missing, he admitted to Aoba that without Louis dominating and controlling all situations, he felt like a villain for being born as a carnivore and consuming meat from the back alley market (which, for Bill, was a sign of growing up and steeping into adult society).

Bill wants carnivores to shine in the light as much as herbivores. Never one to back down from a challenge, he won't think twice about getting dirty in a scuffle with another carnivore.

There are times when Bill has an antagonistic relationship with Legoshi. Louis has stated that the two carnivores are polar opposites, not only in terms of behavior, but also in the way they view the world around them. While Bill and Legoshi did make an effort to tolerate each other, they still had arguments with each other, so much so that the entire drama club was aware of their distaste for one another. Bill, being the more confident and assertive carnivore, tended to be the instigator of his and Legoshi's disagreements. At this point in the series, Bill was portrayed as head-strong and ruthless. However, he still retained a basic understanding of right and wrong, as seen when he acknowledged Legoshi's impulsive act on stage as a sign of justice. Though, he still did not completely side with Legoshi, and told him to accept his fate as a carnivore.

Bill is also portrayed to be more "mature" in his state of mind, as he is more readily and willing to accept the society's dark secrets. This may be due to his encounter with punks in the back alley, and get influenced by them along the way. His view about the world around him is also very different as compared to Legoshi's, being more honest to the world's unpleasant side. He told Legoshi to "grow up" and accept the truth behind the calm and composed expressions of adult carnivores on the streets, which the reason is all because of the presence of the back alley market where they can get the meat from. He is also the first one who noticed this dangerous side of the world.


  • He secretly used rabbit blood to enhance his performance during the annual school play in Chapter 14.
  • In Chapter 22, it is revealed that Bill has had sex before, and that he rates girls based on their striped patterns. Also, it is implied that he is in a relationship with a tigress (who later appears in Chapter 155).
  • He has a close relationship with Els as seen in Chapter 78.
  • Bill was nominated by Louis to be the next head of drama club in Chapter 101. He has shown to be a very responsible and caring leader since then, as of Chapter 152.
  • Despite numerous accounts of Bill constantly insulting Legoshi and fighting him, they later stayed friends.


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