Benny (ベニー, Benī?) is a main character in Beast Complex. He is the protagonist of the fifth chapter.


Benny is a presumably young, burly saltwater crocodile of enormous stature. He has a long and wide muzzle, and has a pair of ridges running from the eyes along the center of his muzzle. He has small, elongated eyes with a relaxed expression, and has large and wide scales with gaps between them.

In Beast Complex, he wears simple clothing consisting of a light sweater, jeans and loafers. He is also seen wearing slippers and an apron. In Beastars, he is seen wearing a typical chef's outfit.


Benny is very energetic and funny, quite friendly and joking. He does not hesitate to talk to people as soon as he meets them to befriend them. Benny always says what he thinks and speaks without thinking, which leads him to say things out of place, although without malicious intent. Benny is very passionate about cooking and can become enraged if his food is insulted.

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