Beastars Wiki

Beastars Wiki, as its namesake would suggest, is a wiki. As such, it is open and easily editable by anyone.

If you feel that you'd like to contribute to the wiki, here are a few guidelines/recommendations to consider:

  • Find and correct grammatical spelling errors: Grammatical spelling errors are usually very easy to spot and don't take very long to correct. Fix these errors and help the wiki!
  • Create and improve pages: The better they're arranged and the more pages the wiki has, the more information about Beastars will be easily accessible to the public, creating a reliable source of Beastars information and helping us make the wiki better and better! However, don't create articles for no reason. Creating a joke/repeat/empty article only gives us more work, and can be considered vandalism. Speaking of...
  • Undo vandalism: Some people may find enjoyment in vandalizing a page, i.e. violating/ruining it in one form or another. If you find someone has done this, don't worry! You can always undo edits of a page, thus restoring it to its former glory and reversing the effects of any vandalism you may encounter. Do notify an administrator as well so that they can take proper action on the matter. Spam will not be tolerated.
  • Forums: If you have doubts about the veracity/validity of the information you have, unsure if you should or shouldn't make an edit/create a page, or even if you'd just like to talk Beastars in general, you can always use the discussion tab or create a thread in the forum.
  • Repeated articles: If you find repeated articles, inform an administrator.
  • Respect is crucial: Be respectful of other users, even if they have views differing to yours. If something was changed and you find you don't agree with it, be sure to comment respectfully to the person who made the modification; maybe they made a mistake, or maybe it's on you. In any case, a moderator/administrator can intervene if asked to resolve any disagreements that may arise.