Beastar (ビースター, Bīsutā?) is the term that is awarded to the beasts that manage to stand out in society and unite them despite the differences between species.


Each school in the world must propose to one of its students that they have enough influence, to be selected as candidates to be a Beastars, but it can not necessarily be a Beastar by academic means, it has also been shown that public officials managed to reach to become Beastars, fighting against crime.

Being a Beastar means watching over the animal society, solving the existing problems and improving everyone's day-to-day life. The way to choose new Beastars takes place in a meeting with all the existing Beastars, where they choose the new candidates.

So far it is known that the Cherryton High School has been 5 years without proposing a Beastar, its main candidate Louis, rejected the offer after living the harsh reality of the society in which it is located. Other students like Pina and Juno were encouraged to fight for this position, but failed to obtain it.


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