Beastars (ビースターズ, Bīsutāzu?) is an anime series produced by Orange studio, based on the manga of the same name which was written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki.

It will be released on October 8th, 2019 exclusively in Japan, licensed by Netflix. In addition, the series will also be aired on Fuji TV + Ultra in Japan on October 9th, 2019.

The international premiere of the first season will be on March 13, 2020, through the Netflix streaming platform.[1]

A second season of the anime was announced on December 26, 2019 in the credits of the broadcast of episode 12, without a set release date.

Official Synopsis

In a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores coexist with each other. For the adolescents of Cherryton Academy, school life is filled with hope, romance, distrust, and uneasiness.

The main character is Legoshi the Gray Wolf, a member of the drama club. Despite his menacing appearance, he has a very gentle heart. Throughout most of his life, he has always been an object of fear and hatred by other animals, and he's been quite accustomed to that lifestyle. But soon, he finds himself becoming more involved with his fellow classmates who have their own share of insecurities and finds his life in school changing slowly.[2][3]


  • Original Story: Paru Itagaki
  • Studio: Orange
  • Director: Shinichi Matsumi
  • Art Director: Minami Kasuga
  • Director of Photography: Shiori Koshou
  • Director of Sound:
  • Writer: Nanami Higuchi
  • Music: Satoru Kosaki
  • Opening: Wild Side - ALI
  • Ending: Le zoo - YURiKA
  • Character Design: Nao Ootsu
  • Chief Director CG: Eiji Inomoto
  • Editing: Junichi Uematsu
  • Color Design: Satoshi Hashimoto

Japanese Cast

English Cast

List of Episodes

List of Episodes of Beastars (Anime)

Season 1
  1. The Full Moon Chooses Which Beasts to Shine On (満月は照らす獣を選んでる, Mangetsu wa terasu kemono o eran deru?)
  2. The Heart of the School is in the garden (学園の心臓部は庭園にあり, Gakuen no shinzōbu wa teien ni ari?)
  3. When a male wolf was born (オスオオカミ 出生のとき, Osuōkami shussei no toki?)
  4. You are going to the Holy Grail (君は聖杯までふやかして, Kimi wa Seihai made fuyakashite?)
  5. The Age to Discover Neither Motive Nor A Tail's Filth (しっぽの汚れにも理由を見出すお年頃, Shippo no yogore ni mo riyū o mīdasu otoshigoro?)
  6. The Thing That Pierced My Vision: Was It a Dream or Reality? (視界の滲み 夢か現か, Shikai no nijimi: Yume ka utsutsu ka?)
  7. School Uniform And Fur Coat And Yet Still Underneath It (制服と被毛のそのまた下の, Seifuku to himō no sono mata shita no?)
  8. To Catch Floss On One's Dogtooth (犬歯に糸ようじひっかけるように, Kenshi ni ito yōji hikkakeru yō ni?)
  9. The Fur's Rising Top Floor Elevator (エレベーター最上階の戦慄, Erebētā saijōkai no senritsu?)
  10. I Will Catch You to the Ends of the Earth, Fuzzball (綿毛、地の果てまで追うならば, Watage, chi no hate made ou naraba?)
  11. Marching Towards the Summer Neon Town (ゆきゆきて 夏のネオン街, Yuki yukite natsu no neon machi?)
  12. Back View of Summer Storm (夏嵐の後ろ姿, Karan no ushiro sugata?)




Images of illustration for the countdown of the start of the anime by the official Twitter account of the anime

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