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Beastar (ビースター, Bīsutā?) is the term that is awarded to the beasts that manage to stand out in society as leaders and unite carnivores and herbivores, despite the differences between their respective species.


This is awarded to students who manage to stand out in society and unite animals despite their differences as species. A Beastar is chosen as a representative for his institute and is placed in a heroic status that transcends fear and discrimination in the world. After a Beastar graduates from high school, they will have high-level careers at their disposal, such as athletes or politicians who really influence the world.

Each school in the world must propose one of its students who has enough influence, to be selected as candidates to be a Beastar, but it is not necessarily possible to become a Beastar through the academic route, it has also been shown that some public officials managed to become Beastars by fighting crime. Being a Beastars means watching over the animal society, solving existing problems and improving everyone's day to day. Choosing new Beastars is carried out in a meeting with all the academy directors, where they choose the new candidates.


Young Beastar

A Young Beastar (青獣ビースター, Seijū Bīsutā?) is chosen as the representative of a nationally acclaimed institute. When a Young Beastar graduates, they obtain a high social position and receive special training.

Sublime Beastar

Only a Young Beastar who stands out from all the rest is chosen to become a Sublime Beastar (壮獣ビースター, Sōjū Bīsutā?), and they will become a driving force of the world.


  • So far, it is known that Cherryton Academy has been 5 years without proposing a Beastar. Its main candidate Louis rejected the offer after living and understanding the harsh reality of the society in which it is located. Other students like Pina and Juno were encouraged to fight for this position, but ultimately failed to obtain it.
  • Oliver and Dorpal Academies are known to elect one Beastars candidate per year, but no further data is available on the other academies.


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