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Beast Apartments (コーポ伏獣, Kōpo fukujū?) is an old apartment complex in Beastars, first appearing in Chapter 101. It is the current residence of Legoshi, Seven, and Sagwan.

According to Seven, Beast Apartments is a relatively old building. It's located relatively close to the Black Market, being ten minutes by foot, while the city center is ten minutes by train. The building itself is inhabited by both carnivores and herbivores. The walls are very thin, making sounds from other rooms clearly audible by the neighboring residence. This isn't helped by the fact the dimensions of each room are very small. While the building lacks baths, there are a number of public unisex bathrooms.

Along with allowing both carnivore and herbivore residence, Beast Apartments also allows inhabitants with criminal backgrounds to rent, making it a risky location for small herbivores to stay.



  • In Beast Complex Chapter 7, Ms. Fig is living in room 201. Much like Ms. Fig, the current inhabitant of room 201 is the black bear Bogue, who writes under the guise of a rabbit.
  • It is mentioned that the room doors are often left unlocked.
  • In Chapter 115, Legoshi meets with the other residents of Beast Apartments on the rooftop to share rice cakes.
  • According to Seven, Beast Apartments is 56 years old.
  • Monthly rent for an apartment at Beast Apartments is 25,000 yen (just short of 230 USD).
  • Before the official English translation of Volume 12 was published by Viz Media, the Japanese name for Beast Apartments was commonly unofficially translated as "the Hidden Condo".


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