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Azuki (アズキ, Azuki?) is a minor character in Beastars. She is the daughter of a C.E.O. of a large company and is engaged to Louis in a political marriage.


Azuki is an elegant and fair red deer with dainty, feminine features. She usually has a serious expression and comes across as quite mature. Azuki is seen wearing blouses and high quality clothing.


In the few chapters that she is present in, Azuki is shown as being stern, stoic, or otherwise indifferent, even to the point where she does not seem to be bothered by Louis losing his right foot. Instead, she questions him on whether he is having problems with his "male functions."

Despite this, Azuki is still adamant about birthing a child with Louis and does care about him, as she reserves a room for her and Louis to have sex after dinner, and gives him company while he vomits into a toilet in Chapter 143.

Family tree

Azuki's father


  • Azuki's father and Ogma have an agreement to marry her to Louis for political purposes.
  • Chapter 136 was the first time that Azuki and Louis had seen each other in 6-12 months.
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