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Aoba (アオバ, Aoba?) is a side character in Beastars. He is a second-year member of the drama club at Cherryton Academy.


Aoba is a bald eagle with an athletic build and tall stature. His plumage is mostly white, while the area of his chest has a brown plumage. This contradicts real life bald eagles, which are completely brown except for the head and tail. Aoba has small, slightly elongated eyes, small black pupils and usually shows a serious expression. He has a long, thick neck and a large yellow hooked beak.

He is usually seen wearing his school uniform, which in cold seasons consists of a white shirt, an indigo vest, dark gray tie, gray pants with a darker vertical line pattern, and brown loafers. During summer, he wears a blue polo shirt, replacing the uniform shirt, vest and tie.


Aoba has a very calm and serious demeanor, as well as being quite peaceful and passive. Aoba shows a very mature, sane mentality and is relatively intelligent and insightful. He usually shows great knowledge and respect for ethics, which combined with his good use of words and arguments, make him the bearer of the voice of reason, being the one who usually stops the fights of Legoshi and Bill and reassures them with his arguments. Aoba seems to be a connoisseur of romance, which he shows when pointing to Legoshi is out of sync. Aoba has also shown himself to be very interested in flying and looks forward to the day he can get his license to fly.

In the past, like Bill, Aoba shared the belief that inevitably when you reach adulthood you will have to eat meat to satiate your instincts and become a full-fledged carnivore. However, having the opportunity to eat meat for the first time, he was unable to do so since he remembered his herbivore classmates and fled, retracting and abandoning this belief. Aoba momentarily obtained a slight petty posture towards Bill, who did eat meat, but seeing how he did not feel better about himself after In doing so. Aoba acts more empathetic with him and becomes more sympathetic towards meat-eating carnivores in order to function in society.


  • Aoba is one of the few carnivores, besides Legoshi, to not eat a finger in the Black Market.
  • Aoba's wings/arms are shown to be white like the top of his head. In real life, bald eagles are entirely brown, save for their head and tail feathers.


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