Airdo (エアド, Eado?), is a minor character in Beastars.


Airdo is an Asian lion with a slightly wavy short mane, long round ears, has a pair of drooping whiskers on each side of his snout. He wears a dark jacket over a white T-shirt, jeans and sports shoes.


Airdo has a superficial mentality like Ako, although Airdo is more patient and mature than Ako by accepting their relationship as a "farce."


  • The Asian lion resembles its African relatives in everything, although some subtle differences can be cited. For starters, it is a little smaller and less corpulent than African lions.
  • Asian lions also have slightly lighter fur, and reddish hair and shorter in wild specimens, especially in the upper part of the head (which is why male ears are always visible), the mane It extends along the chest.
  • The tuft of hair on the elbows is more noticeable. There are also some unique features in the skull that only North African and Asian lions share. And finally, Asian lions always have a longitudinal fold in the skin of the belly, a very rare feature in African lions.
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