Agata (アガタ, Agata?) is a minor character in Beastars. He was an active member of the Shishigumi before it disbanded.


Agata is a Congo lion with dark fur, a slightly wavy mane and more youthful-looking features in comparison to the more rough-looking members of the Shishigumi. He has visible light-colored spots under his eyes that resemble freckles. Like other members of the Shishigumi, Agata is usually seen wearing a suit and tie.


As he is often seen smiling, Agata seems to have a rather positive mindset. Like the other members he is proud to be a lion and a part of the Shishigumi. He also appears more naive than the other members, most likely due to his age.

He once called out Melon about following Black Market etiquette about respecting the meat and where it came from, showing that he is quite respectful and caring.


Agata grew up in a household where his mother had more authority than his father and ruled the house like a tyrant. As an act of rebellion Agata became a delinquent and ended up in the Black Market where he met lions from the Shishigumi, connected with them over having similar roots and problems other animals wouldn't understand and eventually become a member of the group. Being the youngest he was looked after by other members, especially Dolph.


  • Agata is the youngest member of the Shishigumi.
  • When introducing the Shishigumi members to Legoshi, Louis described Agata as the youngest, but added that he is quite strong.


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