Abby (アビー, Abī?) is a character in Beast Complex. She is the deuteragonist of the third chapter.


She is a very beautiful white wolf with very delicate features. Her outfit is made up of a light-colored blouse, skirt and heels.


She is, in Galom's words, a very mature girl, but somewhat childish. She likes to socialize with other animals, and does not judge others. She shows a certain degree of hostility when they touch on the subject of eating herbivores, and she fell in love with Galom and saw him as something delicious. The two did not end up together because she abandoned Galom, perhaps for fear that her desire to eat him would take over her, or it was simply an unrequited love.


  • She ate some of the fingers on Galom's left hand and put an engagement ring on one of the remaining ones.
  • She became the reason that Galom needed to continue being a journalist.
  • Abby is the first female character to star in Beast Complex.
  • Along with Meg, they are the only characters to have a deuteragonist role in Beast Complex.
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